Squadra Avventura | Horseshoe Dam, AZ

Squadra Avventura | Horseshoe Dam, AZ

Sportful’s Adventure Riding Team Shares Imagery, Adventure, And Stories Of Roads Less Traveled

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 — Horseshoe Dam, AZ - Sportful - www.squadra-avventura.com - The Squadra Avventura ventured down to Arizona to take a self-proclaimed 'roadie' off the smooth SW tarmac and onto the desert gravel for grit influenced smiles and the promise of adventure.

"Typically when I get to the sign that reads “Pavement Ends,” this sign directly translates to “Turn around.” As we headed towards Horseshoe Dam I was giggling with excitement in anticipation of finally getting to continue past this sign and seeing where that dirt road led." - Emily Rodger 

Ever wonder where that road goes? The Squadra Avventure squad seek to find out.

Read about their Horseshoe Dam adventure here. 

Sportful Squadra Avventura - Horseshoe Dam, AZ